RotoTEC | Corona treatment of plastic products塑料制品的電暈處理


Roto tec-x 用于在線處理注模部件的表面處理,通常用于優化基質的粘附性能,該儀器有一個非常統一的處理過程,并提供客戶所有的參數控制。






Non-contact treatment No need for electrodes to touch the part surface.
Treatment of parts Various designs available depending upon part geometry.
Fully guarded treating station Complete unit with all necessary safety precautions observed.
Touch panel All parameters are displayed on the touch panel and are easily adjusted.
Uniform treatment levels Rotating electrodes ensure a uniform treatment.
No need to change electrode height or set-up Flexible design for multiple part treatment – no need to make adjustments.
Line speed up to 15 m/min Keeps pace with existing production lines.
Patented design RotoTEC-X electrode design offers optimized uniformity at treatment.
Technical Specifications RotoTEC-X Corona treater
Mains voltage and frequency 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage/plasma power Max. 400 Vp/Max. 2000 Watt
Power supply HV-X plasma generator series
Line speeds 0.5-15 m/min
Treatment sizes Up to 100 mm high and 2000 mm wide
Treatment area Single or dual sided treatment
Treatable plastic materials PP, PE, PEEK, ABS, PC, PS and others (non-conductive only)
Transport system Flat belt conveyor and o-ring belts
Control and connectivity Complete touch panel. (Standard – Proface)
Regulation compliance CE – RoHs – WEE